Shaun's Snippets and Jewels from Annes Diary

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Latest Snippets

Present truth
An important lesson
Making a fresh start
Running on empty
Regious propaganda American style
Our possessions
John the disciple whom Jesus loved
Have you lost your tongue christian
Building relationships or having fellowship
Three inescapable conclusions about miracles
From house to house
What is the Church, and what are Churches
Planted to grow
Jesus great discourse on the end
Divine punishment
The shipwreck of Solomon
The prayers of the saints part two
The prayers of the saints part one
To those needing healing
Forsight is better than hindsight
The prayers of the saints
Praise God in his sanctuary
The receptivity of faith
Prayer is for answers
Has the Devil got your tongue Christian
Any umbrellas
Faithless action vs actionless faith
Nobody is born mature
The hearing ear and the seeing eye
A kingdom of priests
By a new and living way
Awake thou that sleepest
Discerning dangerous dogs
Holding the written vision
Never give up
The kingdom of Israel
The mystery of the kingdom of God
The golden rule
Moral degradation
A kingdom of stewards
The temple of God
A kingdom man
A kingdom life is a metamorphoses
A kingdom lesson on prayer
Paul's Bible was the OT Scriptures
Did Jesus condemn homosexuality
Get it in writing
God is no mans debtor
You have not passed this way before
Mixture is the scourge of christianity
The healing of Anne Kearney
The challenges relationships face
Two sides of the same coin
They shall all know me
Paul gives timothy sound advice on how to be a good minister
Belief begets behaviour
Three Kings
Memory and Recollection
Touch Not
Repentance wont save you
Christians and Politics
Make your election and calling sure
Custom and Command
Grace beyond measure
The hearing ear and the seeing eye
The fruit of forgiveness
The foundation of our forgiveness
Jesus' great discourse on the end
Is homosexuality a sin for new testament believers
Paul's response to his accusers
Meditation and Prayer
If the salt has no savour it is fit for nothing
God's breach of promise
Divine provision ‘The bread of life’
A simple plan for a fruitful life in Christ
Have you lost your tongue Christian
The four whens
After these things
A kingdom man
The world has drafted it's own beatitudes
Christ in you and you in Christ
The power of Gods promises
Rich towards God
Seven pictures of God's people
Retailing Religion
Let us make man
Stepping out and stepping into the kingdom
Staggered not because of unbeleif
The baptism of the holy spirit
There's a famine in the land convincing sceptics
Well done thou good and faithful servant
Is healing for all
Christianity in Britain
In defense of traditional bible texts
Divine healing
Grace alone
Who i am in Christ
The six senses
How to have your prayers answered
The father's giving of his son
Lookout they've got you covered
I'd rather see a sermon
The word grace
The power of Gods promises
God's attitude towards sickness
Manifest Destiny
A more excellent way
Knowing and following
The Swelling of Jordan
Dr John Stott's final sermon
Roots and Fruit
Half Heartedness
New York 1900
Jonathan cahan addresses members of congress
Exploring the future - Part two
Exploring our future - Part one
A stimulating environment
Belief begets behaviour
Letting go
Discerning dangerous dogs
Busy but barren
Abundant life
The word of God silences every lie
Apply your heart to wisdom pilgim
A famine for hearing the word of God
Two are better than one
Two by Two
Caring for new believers
His perfect work
True Religion
Five whens
To the shores of Tripoli
The restoration of lost pathways
Procrastination is a time bomb - Part Three
Prayer is for answers
Procrastination is a time bomb - Part Two
Procrastination is a time bomb
The Incarnation
A Powerful Love
Talk is cheap
Definition of Oxymoron
Do your giving while you're living
Warning about riches
Iron shapens Iron
Is Jezebel running your Church
Politics and Christians
Phillip Keller
Looking for a leader
Truth can be inconvenient
The great hallucination
Social and spiritual hierarchy
Paul's life and testimony
Planted to grow
Warfare and the christian life
Stages in our lives
Psalm one
Take your pick
The end of all things is at hand
God had the first say and he will have the last
In life there are choices and options
Change isn't easy to accept but it's Unavoidable
Hindsight is Twenty Twenty
A Kingdom lesson on Prayer
Retailing Religion
The two fold work of the cross
Hereditary succession of our Children
A. C. Valdez 1929
Events at Azusa street in 1905
Jerusalem and Antioch
Cordless Christians
Joab David's Nemisis
Former evolutionists who became creation scientists
The importance of the rational mind
More food for serious thought
Pauls rebuke hebrews 5: 10-14
Tares are bogus wheat
God our great burden bearer
Stop the Church I want to get off
The coming of our lord Jesus Christ
How Many Died in Noah’s Flood?
Galatians 4:21-31
The Romans 11 tree of faith
Things for and against
Here we have no continuing city we are simply pilgrims
The Scourge of Christianity is Mixture
A Time of Predicted Shaking Has Arrived
Our Warfare
Red Faces at Redding California
The Violent take it by Force
A Message from Hosea
The Mystery of the Kingdom
Reject Retirement Myths
Life is for Living
The neville Chamberlains of the new age christianity
How to get a miracle
The second time
Grief and Personal Tradgedy
Behold I show you a more excellent way
Did Jesus condemn homosexuality
America Today
To the Jew first
America Take Note
A.C Valdez Vision
To the Shores of Tripoli
Change isn't easy but its not impossible
The violent take it by force
Ex Muslim The Koran revealed
A Nation Asleep in Bondage
A Question Saved my Life
Social and Spiritual Hierarchy
The Baptism of the Holy Spirit
Flee the Egotistical
Sing Oh Barren
A Merry Heart
Three inescapable conclusions about miracles
The Work of the LOrd
Kiss the Son
Character a Qualification
How to be Blessed
Capitalism and Christianity
Sheep and Shepards
The Malachi Curse - Tithing
Do Gays have rights
Poured Out as a drink offering
The fatally deficient felt
The US Supreme court announces
Saved in this hope
Gays have come completely out of their closet
The Carnal Man
Truth or Consequencesl
The new day of the gospel
God is not a killjoy
My beloved friends and close critics
Grief and personal tragedy
Christ in you and you in Christ
The Indwelling of the Holy Spirit
Let Women Keep Silent in the Churchd
The Law of the Spirit of Life in Christ
The Two Down Lines
The Greatest Grace of All
Be Prepared
A The Blessed Benediction
A Time of Unusual shaking
According To Your Faith
I'm Done Playing Church
Busy and Barren
The Power of Words
By a New and Living Way
Is the Virgin Birth a Problem for You?
It's Not Pot Luck Dinner
There is a rest for Gods people
Joe Frasers Victory
Power Over Satan
Redemption and Forgiveness of Sin
Look at All You Have in Christ
Introduction to a Journey Ceased
Truth is not Positional It's Reality
All About You and Me
The Finished Work of Christ
God Didn't Rest Because He Was Tired
There is a rest for Gods people
An Introduction to Righteousness
A stimulating environment
God Forbid That I may Glory
He Must Increase
Grace Alone
Present Not the Past
A Time of Unusual Shaking
The Superior Law of Love
Living Free in Christ
Freedom from Addictions
Stepping OUt and Stepping In
That Every Mouth May Be Stopped
Manifest Destiny
The Reformation
Luthers Stand for God at Worms
This is the Reformation Martin Luther

Jewels From Annes Diary

20kb A jewel from Anne
33kb A letter from Jesus
23kb Annes diary 25 January 2012
25kb Anne Kearneys Healing
26kb Attributes of the ideal wife
26kb Grief and personal tradgedy
26kb Jonathon our son
26kb Recipes from Anne for healthy women

Other Snippets

Not Without Law
By A New way of Living
A Sincere Appeal
Ezekiels Temple and Johns City Compared
Victorious Christian Living III
Victorious Christian Living II
Victorious Christian Living
I Have Prayed For You
A Simple Plan for a Futile Life in Christ
Disarterous Legacy of Charles Finney
Wanted Jealous Fathers
I Have Coveted No Mans Silver
Our Union with Christ
Jesus' Great Discourse on the End
A Fatal Subversion pof the Gospel
How Much of the Gospel have you Heard Only
Paul Preached Christ
The Reminent is a Major Biblical Theme
Grace Notes by Julia Quarles
I Have Prayed For You
Our sanctification is the Cross
A Prayer of Distress
Cast all your cares upon Him
The promise of His Prescence
They were always on HIs mind
The foundation of your forgiveness and mine
Pauls response to his accusers
Cordless Christians
What Did He Say
Making Truth your personal possesion
The Definition of Abstract
Complete in Christ
Gods prescence silences every lie
Cash Cow
Mike Quarles
The Power of Gods Promises
From Ashes to Beauty I
From Ashes to Beauty II
Faitrh and Faithing
One Redeemed Body or Two
The Prophets
The Need for Spiritual Awarness
The Zadok Priesthood
The Restoration of True Prophets
Spiritual Sacrifices
Jesus Christ
They met for spiritual maintenance
Christ is the heart and substance
One New Man in Himself
Deborah is not the Lord gone out before thee
Emotions in our worship
The perfect obedience of Christ
Fire and healing AC Valdez
God at work
Discerning dangerous dogs
The end of all things at hand
Christ and Moses
God rushes or looking for a quick fix
Dead Reckoning
He taketh away the first
To the Jew first
The divided heart
More blessed to give than receive
Thank God for the problems
Satan the foe above
The flesh the foe within
Warefare and the Christian Life
Comparisons 2 Corinthians 10
Our Experience
As it was in the days of Lot
Where should i go
The Home is the Genesis of Human Existence
The Home a Cornerstone
When the Church becomes an Idol for a Pastor
Keep your heart with all diligence
A Divided Heart
The Prophets
Signs of Chris's Coming
A Passion for Faithfullness
The Great Hallucination
The Teaching Priest
Weights and Measures
Eternal Security
Paul the Revelator
The Sabbath of the Lord
Measuring the immeasurable
Restoration of Lost Paths
Psalm One
Prophets In Restoration
His Perfect Work
I Will Restore
The Purpose of God
The Gulf Between the Old and New Covenant
Betty Baxters Healing
Anne Kearneys Healing
Carrying the prescence of Christ part II
Christ in you and you in Christ
Carrying the prescence of Christ
The God of Order
Watching and remembering
The privledges of relationship
Integreity in relationship
Pithy sayins
False Claims
False Brethren
Eternal Realities
Rend the Heavens
Holding the Written Version
Stop Looking for Scapegoats
An Inciden t That Changed Our Lives
Heb 12:7 We Need Fathers
Manifest Destiny
Importance Of Knowing Truth
Religous Propaganda American Style
First Openly Gay Premier Chosen In Canada
The More Shame On Us
December Is A Red Letter Month For Me
Judge Roy Moores Poem
A Statement of Faith
A Sincere Appeal
More Food for Thought
The Coming of Christ
Six Titles of the Word of God in Psalm 19
Abundant Life
Christs Complete Sayings
A Welcome Response from Allan Jenks
The Redemptive Years
22kb The Last Words of Paul
22kb Do This in Rememberence of Me
22kb Absolute Truth
22kb Priesthood and Ministry
22kb The Prayers of the Saints
22kb A Kingdom of Priests
22kb Letting Go
22kb Hearing the Voice of the Lord
22kb My Basis for Waiting on the Lord
22kb The True Vine
22kb God Our Great Burden Bearer
22kb The Ordinance of the Lords Table
22kb Waiting on the Lord and the Blessing that Results
22kb Waiting on the Lord Part Two
22kb Waiting on the Lord
22kb Meditation and Prayer
27kb True Worship
32kb Dismantling the Myth
22kb A Simple Plan for a Fruitful Life
22kb A Little Wisdom from Bill Gates
24kb Polititians and Christians
51kb Custom and Command
75kb Church Planting and Planters
27kb Co Labourers with Christ
24kb If the Salt Has No Savour it is Good for Nothing
24kb A Homo in the Whitehouse
23kb The Catch Cry
24kb How to Avoid Chasening
24kb The Churches Missing Grace
22kb A Stimulating Environment
31kb Outside the Camp
31kb Hereby We Know the Spirit of Truth and Error
24kb Three Inescapable Conclusions about Miracles
30kb Glorying in Iinfirmities
30kb Bobbies Pride of Performance
22kb Breaking Traditions - Eric Chambers
29kb Christ is the Center of the Bible
27kb Convincing the Skeptics
20kb Lax Renderings of the Bible
44kb Luke the Evangelist
32kb MInistry to the Lord part 1
27kb MInistry to the Lord part 2
21kb The Reign of David
20kb The Song of the Lord
22kb What Praise is a Sign of
37kb Where does your bread come from
41kb A Change of Perspective Psalm 73
20kb A Crabby Old Women Not too Wise
20kb A Kingdom Man
20kb A Kingdom of Worshippers
20kb How God Spoke to Men Before Christ
20kb Josiah the Child King
20kb Redeeming the Time
20kb The God of Order
20kb The Judge is Standing at the Door
20kb The Nature of Condemnation
20kb The Two Witnesses
20kb The Way we Live
20kb Five Kingdom Activities
33kb Death is the doorway to
23kb These three men
25kb Ezekiels dry bones
26kb Your doctrine is your ministry and its fruit
26kb A call to koinonia
23kb A kingdom life is a metamorphoses
26kb A kingdom lesson on prayer
26kb A series on forgiveness
26kb A time of unusual shakings
26kb Absolom and David
26kb Accountability
26kb Any umbrellas
26kb Banishing pain
26kb Belief begets behaviour
26kb Building relationships and having fellowships
26kb By a new and living way
26kb Called out but not by God
26kb Christ and the Spirit (part one)
26kb Christ and the Spirit (part two)
26kb Churches and synagouges
26kb Covenants
26kb Discerning dangerous dogs
26kb Elijah
26kb Except those days be shortened
26kb Facing the truth about America
26kb Faiths three companions
26kb Fatherlessness
26kb Genologies
26kb God at work
26kb God overules Jewish bigotry
26kb Going to church the bible way
26kb Has Christianity become a one day religion?
26kb Having eyes to see
26kb In His likness and image
26kb Jeremiah 8-22 graph
26kb Joab David's nemesis
26kb Keep your heart
26kb King Solomans life
26kb Kingdom life is a life of changes
26kb Ladder to Heaven
26kb Leadership seminar (part one)
26kb Learn to love your critic (Hebrews 4)
26kb Magazine survey reveals pastors children
26kb Making our election and calling sure
26kb Megashift or megahype
26kb Michal Saul's Daughter
26kb Never ever giveup
26kb Obey them
26kb Objective subjective
26kb Oh come let us adore Him
26kb Our blessed heritage
26kb Parasites
26kb Pauline doctrine
26kb Preaching and teaching
26kb Pride of Ability
26kb Put up or shutup
26kb Reason the final court of appeal
26kb Relieving God of his obligation
26kb Restoration of lost years
26kb Solomans pride of grace
26kb Soundness of mind
26kb Stop the church i want to get off
26kb The post resurrection ministry of Jesus
26kb The acts of the apostles
26kb The alter the table and the sacrifice
26kb The biggest losers children
26kb The centrality of the Lords table
26kb The clue of life
26kb The incarnation
26kb The post resurrection
26kb The presumption of the clergy
26kb The presumption of the clergy (part two)
26kb The prophet Amos
26kb The resurrection the kingdom and Christ
26kb The second time
26kb The sermon
26kb The shipwreck of Soloman
26kb The tabernacle of David bring back the Ark
26kb The unity of the Church
26kb The acts of the apostles
26kb They came from Armenia to America
26kb Three inescapable conclusions about miracles
26kb Truth and tradition
26kb Two types of mobile ministry
26kb We need tot ake a closer look at God
26kb What has happened since Asuza street
26kb What house church leaders are listening to
26kb Who are you and what on earth are you doing
26kb You be the judge